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Wild West Wagon

The Ultimate Rustic Tombstone Lodge

Rustic Tombstone History Meets Modern Lodging Comfort

Your accommodations in Tombstone deserves to be as exciting as the town itself. We invite you to step back into the late 1800's and ​enjoy a card game at the table or enjoy an evening around the campfire. A stay in the wagon combines the comforts of a modern stay, with the joys of camping and historical reenactment.

Coffee machine perched on the wooden counter inside the Wild West Wagon, blending modern convenience with the rustic charm of the late 1800s setting.

Peek Inside the Wild West Wagon

Panoramic shot of the Wild West Wagon's location in Tombstone, emphasizing the adventurous spirit of the Old West and the wagon's integration into the iconic landscape.

Book Your Stay in the Wild West Wagon

Stay in The Wild West Wagon! Book today and let your Tombstone, AZ adventure begin!

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