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Exterior shot of the 1968 Silverstreak trailer, hinting at its maritime-inspired interior renovation, set against the unique landscape of Tombstone, AZ.

The SS Mindy 

Tombstone’s Nautical Lodging Experience 

Your Vintage 
Ocean-Themed Silverstreak Trailer

Unlike any other, this 1968 Silverstreak trailer is as striking from the inside as it is from the outside. Completely renovated in 2023 this trailer offers guests a comfortable stay that has a slight nautical vibe while in the Sonoran Desert. SS could be in reference to a ship, or to the make of this beautiful trailer, we will let our guests decide!

Vintage 1968 Silverstreak trailer exterior, renovated to reflect a nautical theme, standing proudly in the Sonoran Desert near Tombstone, AZ.

Peek Inside the SS Mindy Lodge

Panoramic exterior shot of the 1968 Silverstreak Tombstone lodging trailer in its desert setting, emphasizing the contrast between its sleek, vintage design and the rugged landscape.

Book Your Stay in the SS Mindy

Stay in The SS Mindy! Book today and let your Tombstone, AZ adventure begin!

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