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The Spartan

1950s Classic Decor Meets Modern Charm

Get Transported Back to the 1950s for a One-of-a-Kind Tombstone Experience

Step inside the Spartan Mansion and you'll be transported back in time to the 1950s. The interior has been thoughtfully decorated to capture the retro vibe of the era, with vintage furnishings, cheerful fabrics, and charming touches throughout. The main living area is cozy and comfortable, with a comfy sofa, vintage chairs, and a dining table for four. The trailer also features a new full sized mattress, and private bathroom.

Kitchenette view within the Spartan Mansion, showcasing retro appliances and cabinetry, along with nostalgic kitchenware, perfectly capturing the era's domestic charm.

Peek Inside the Spartan Amenities

Exterior view of the Spartan Mansion's patio area, displaying classic outdoor seating against the backdrop of the vintage trailer, inviting relaxation in a 1950s setting.

Book the Spartan Today

Stay in The Retro Spartan Royal Mansion! Book today and let your Tombstone, AZ adventure begin!

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